life lately

life lately

life around here has been pretty great lately. 

we had a busy few weeks and it's been too good not to document. here's a roundup of what's been going on and tons of pictures to prove it :) 

gramma + grandpa Ford came to Montana!

life 2.jpeg
life 3.jpeg

my parents made the trek to Montana for the first time since we moved here two years ago (no guilt trip of course ;)) and we were so happy to finally have them here! Wilder Ray got to meet his mama's parents and it was a beautiful and relaxing visit. we didn't do a whole lot of anything and yet it was so much fun :) 

it was a week full of walking, bbqing, playing with the dogs, staring at the mountains, eating, baby holding, and lots of baby kissing. 

it was pretty much perfect. 

life 4.jpeg

as sad as we were to watch them leave, we couldn't be happier to have had them here. and we can't wait to do it again! 

4th of July

life 5.jpeg

I knew this 4th would be different than all our previous ones spent together. having a newborn meant no bikini, cocktails, or beer pong (sorry mom), but it's crazy how none of that matters anymore. I wouldn't even trade my pre-baby abs for the way we spent the holiday. 

this little guy is liiiife.

life 6.jpeg

we spent the morning cuddled up on the couch, sipping coffee slowly, and enjoying the cool morning breeze before the temps got scorchingly hot. 

then we ventured out into the heat and took the pups and the babe to the river. 

Wilder's first time!

life 7.jpeg
life 9.jpeg
life 10.jpeg

it was allllmost worth the thousand mosquito bites I got...

of course, our Bogey was there too, but that wanderer is impossible to catch in pictures.

we had a great 4th and even though we missed our families like craaaazy, it sure is fun when it's just our little family of 5 :)

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