Wilder Ray's first camping trip

Wilder Ray's first camping trip

when I was pregnant, I prayed that even though our life was about to change, it wouldn't change completely. I prayed we'd still be able to do what we love. to hike mountains, catch our dinner, and sleep among trees. I prayed we could raise our child outdoors, unplugged, and unfiltered. because in a world that revolves around smart phones and editing, I want him to know the untouched, the real beauty. what was created by our Maker, not mankind. 

so this weekend, we packed up a little bit more than we normally do and took a little longer to leave the house, but we ventured out with a baby in tow. 

it wasn't easy.  it wasn't what I expected. we were totally t h o s e people that brought a baby camping.  but we made it through. and I know it will get easier.

so even though we barely left the tent and I didn't get nearly the amount or type of pictures I had hoped for, here's the reality of taking a two and a half month old camping. 

y'all THIS is just the beginning of what it looks like to raise WILDer.

camp 1.jpeg
camp 3.jpeg
camp 5.jpeg
camp 6.jpeg

Wilder Ray, I will always remember this trip. 

you screaming the entire drive there. 

you not sleeping unless you were in my arms. 

you not falling asleep until 11 pm.

you waking every hour in the night to feed for 5 minutes.

but then there was...

you waking up at 7 am with a smile on your face.

you and me walking down to the lake and watching the sun rise over the mountains.

you playing so nicely in the tent while I funneled my coffee.

you and me taking a two hour nap in the tent under the sunshine while daddy fished.

you sleeping most of the way home.

yes, it wasn't easy, but it was also beautiful in its own way. just like a good hike. just like anything that's worth it. and someday when you're bigger we'll laugh about it... but for now, we'll just wait to try again until next Summer :) 

Wilder Ray | three months

Wilder Ray | three months

wilder ray | two months

wilder ray | two months