Wilder Ray | five months

Wilder Ray | five months

guys. time is flying way too darn fast. our boy was five months on Halloween! SO MUCH has changed this month. this kid is growing up right in front of my eyes and i'm having trouble keeping up!


Wilder Ray at FIVE MONTHS

weight :: 15 lbs (birth :: 6 lbs 11 oz)

length :: 26 inches (birth :: 21 inches)

this month has been a doozie, not going to lie. the four month sleep regression hit us hard and we are still struggling. Wilder has never been a great sleeper, but up until last month, it was always manageable. now, it's like he's a completely different baby. waking up every. hour. at night. no joke. we are exhausted. defeated. and open to any advice!

in the meantime, i've accepted the fact that this phase won't last forever and all i can do is give it my best. and drink 846 cups of coffee a day.

Wilder Ray + FOOD


Wilder LOVES to eat! he still nurses 367,942 times a day/night and we started him on some solids this month! first up was "rice cereal" (it was actually quinoa based, which is healthier than rice and easier for their little tummies to digest!) now, we've moved on to avocados + sweet potatoes! so far he's loving it!

little guy has a sensitive tummy (gas issues/acid reflux), which is why we're introducing solids slowly. 

he also had a bad break out of eczema this month that covered his whole belly and face. our pedi ran a food allergy test, but it was inconclusive. his rash has cleared up, so we've decided to start introducing foods anyway. we'll try one food out for a week to make sure he doesn't have a reaction to anything.

all in all, i plan on doing a BLW approach. i'll continue pureeing the food down this month and then once I feel he's ready, start giving him food he can pick up on his own. next up:bananas, squash, and homemade apple sauce!

Wilder Ray + SLEEP


homeboy wakes up every 90 mins at night screaming and i am losing. my. mind.

right now, we're stuck between whether it's his tummy issues keeping him up or just bad sleep habits. honestly, my mom gut tells me it's a little of both, but mostly bad habits.

we moved him into his own room, hoping the detachment from mom would help him sleep longer. but near or far, he wakes up wanting to eat.

i'm not a fan of the CIO method, but i think a mild version of it is in order.

or else i might die from lack of sleep.

i think the hardest part is that for the first three months of his life, he slept great (compared to what he's doing now). he's never been an excellent

sleeper, but he would sleep for 3-4 hours at a time, and that was enough for mom + dad to feel like normal humans.

but ever since the four month sleep regression, it's been torture every night.

it's gotten to the point where i dread going to sleep at night because i know i'm just going to have to get up in an hour...

honestly, i'm normally a pretty positive, upbeat, and happy person, but lately i feel slightly depressed, and it goes to show how important sleep is.

i just keep telling myself this phase won't last forever and before i know it, he'll be sleeping through the night and i'm going to miss those midnight snuggles. or maybe i won't because sleep is LIFE!

he still naps great for the most part. resting for at least an hour each time he goes down, with a cat nap here and there. 

he still LOVES the swing. UGH! biggest mistake i've made as a parent thus far. i know i have to wean him from it soon, but i'm dreading that day.

don't get me wrong, i think swings are great, i just wish i wouldn't have let him sleep in it as much as i have. now it's hard to get him to sleep anywhere else.

the next step is going to be sleep training him in the crib, but even if i get him to fall asleep in the crib, how do i get him to stay asleep?!

Wilder Ray + PLAY


this little guy is on. the. move. he's pushing up on all fours wanting to crawl. rolling over like it's nothing. and rotating around from one direction to the other.

i love helping him try new things. we "practice" crawling and it's the cutest thing.

he's also so close to sitting up by himself and can hold himself up standing for a hot second too.

this kid just keeps growing and it's such a crazy experience to witness as a parent. but mostly, incredibly awesome.

Wilder Ray, don't ever stop being a mommy's boy, ok? ok.

i know this time is fleeting, so for now, i'm holding tight to those midnight feedings + cuddles. because before too long, they'll be gone and i know i'll miss them.

we love you to the moon + back sweet boy...

until next month... xoxo

random thoughts from a sleep deprived mama

random thoughts from a sleep deprived mama

Wilder Ray | four months

Wilder Ray | four months