Wilder Ray | six months

Wilder Ray | six months


how in the WORLD is our baby boy 6 months already?!

i know, i know, i say this every monthly post, but i literally feel like i gave birth to him yesterday. 

time is the biggest, fattest thief! 


as bitter as it is, it's also the sweetest gift, being able to watch our healthy baby boy THRIVE!

he is growing by the millisecond and i'm in awe that he's a product of me.

like, HOW did i create that. it's unbelievable. he is moving in all directions, eating big boy food like a champ, and his personality is really starting to shine.

oh, sweet boy, don't ever stop being a mama's boy, ok?!


Wilder Ray at SIX MONTHS

weight :: 18 lbs (birth :: 6 lbs 11 oz)

length :: 27 inches (birth :: 21 inches)

Wilder Ray + FOOD


this month, we got real adventurous with big boy food! first of all, let me just say, that i'm a strong believer in breast milk being more than sufficient for a baby's needs until six months of age, but because this boy was nursing every 90 minutes, mama needed a break, so we decided to add in some solids a few times a day just to help lengthen the time in between feedings. and my instincts were telling me that Wilder was ready. and that he was!

foods he tried

:: avocados

:: sweet potatoes

:: butternut squash

:: carrots

:: bananas

:: oatmeal

:: apples

:: pears

we introduced each new food for 5 days before moving onto something else. it worked great, and so far, no reactions. most days, he LOVES food and does really well with it, and then others he just wants to nurse and could care less about food.

either way, it's really more about introducing healthy flavors and textures to him than getting his tummy full, so i'd say we're on the right path!

this month, i'm excited to try out more of a BLW approach by giving him less purees, and more "hard" foods!

Wilder Ray + SLEEP


this month was another doozy when it came to sleep. this boy just wants to party all. night. long.

buuuuuut, i was desperate to get more than two hours of sleep in a row, so i did some research and decided to try out the Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit.

YOU GUYS! this thing really is MAGIC! Wilder has been sleeping IN HIS CRIB for one whole week!

sorry for all the caps, but i'm so happy that my big boy is sleeping independently. to me, this is huge.

here's why i think this particular sleep suit works:: 

ever since Wilder was born, he's slept in a cozy area, whether it was the rock n play, the swing, or in between mom + dad.

so when i tried to get him to sleep in the crib, he probably felt like he was in the middle of the ocean. this suit is thick and keeps him comfy cozy and he LOVES it. he knows when we put it on it's now time for bed.

he's still waking up a few times during the night, but the stretches seem to be getting farther apart and the fact that he's sleeping so well in his crib makes me feel like i can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. when he does wake up, i feed him for about 5 minutes and then he goes right back to sleep.



it really seems like this kid has changed so much this past month. he is so happy! he smiles all. the. time. and is starting to become pretty easy going.

he does so much better in the car, which makes driving all the 40 miles to Target a lot easier. mama needs Target!

he is allllmost sitting up unassisted and rocks back and forth on all fours like it's nothing. i see crawling in his very near future.

he can rotate all the way around on his back and can scoot himself backwards on his tummy. but he hasn't quite figured out how to go forward just yet. he also is wanting to stand holding onto things already. he still needs help but his little leggies are getting so strong!

Wilder Ray, I cannot believe it's been a half a year since you graced us with your presence sweet boy. you are everything we never knew we needed...

until next month...


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