Wilder Ray | seven months

Wilder Ray | seven months

the best gift 2017 brought us...

our sweet little guy turned 7 months on New Years Eve!


i know i know, i'm just now getting this post up because these past two weeks have floooooown by...


it's hard to believe that seven whole months have already flown by with this little guy earth side.

SO MUCH has happened this past month! 

and my heart longs to spell every little detail out into this post, but i decided to do something a little different this time and spare y'all a novel ;)

instead of doing a photo dump this time, i decided to take the 742 pics that appeared on my camera roll this month and make it part of the main post!

ok, it's not that many, but it's pretty darn close.

this guy gets cuter and cuter every day and i'm obsessed with taking pictures of him...

so pour yourself a cup o' Joe, sit back, and enjoy :)

a quick look back on S E V E N months...

i kicked off December 1st by having breakfast in my cool new chair. and then the pups quickly realized that my grip wasn't quite that strong yet...

ma, who dis?


mama got me all bundled up (which i obviously loved) and we took a brisk walk downtown to do some Christmas shopping.

AND i sat in my stroller like a big boy for the first time!

*while mama shed quiet little tears*


we decorated our cozy little house for Christmas!


we took a visit to the ol' doc's office for our 6 month well check!

growing like a weed and pushing 20 pounds!


and then on December 22nd (also read: mama's birthday, which she loved so much...), we hit the road en route to CA!

sans dogs, don't worry... they got dropped off at auntie Jane's.

& of course, we made a couple pit stops along the way.


once we got to Cali, i met A LOT of new faces. so. much. love. my great grandma :)


we made it just in time for gramma Ford's birthday too! so of course mom made us take a photo...


Christmas Morning at Gramma + Grandpa Parsons...


& then off to Christmas Dinner at Gramma + Grandpa Ford's...


it was such a good Christmas and we are so happy we were able to make the trip to Cali!

until next time, xoxo

favorite oily tools

favorite oily tools

Wilder Ray | six months

Wilder Ray | six months