life lately

life lately

a lot of things have been happening for our little family over the past few months and it’s been awhile since i’ve done a little life update here on the blog. now seems like as good of a time as any to share with you all what we’ve been up to lately!


or as Wilder infamously says, “Lessssgoooo”!


first up, the blog got an update! as much i love consistency and routine in my life, i tend to get bored with the look of things really easily, hence the change. i had my old layout for over a year and i just wasn’t feeling it anymore. i fell in love with this current design and knew that i would discover a new found inspiration to share more content if i made the switch, so that’s exactly what i did!

buuut there’s a little more to it than just a new layout. during the process of making the switch, i unknowingly missed a step and ended up losing all my content from the past year.


i’ll save you all the novel of what actually happened and just say this… at first, i was extremely sad, angry even. i mean, of course! all that writing, editing, creative expression, time & effort over the past year — GONE.

but there are a few reasons why i’ve come to terms with it:

it’s just a blog. as much as i LOVE coming back to this space, time & time again to share my hardships, victories, and everything in between. it’s simply a place for me to release creative tension in my life, it is not, however, where my memories reside.

i have a backup. i literally have an entire backup file of my old site just hanging out in my Drive, but the problem is i have NO IDEA how to unzip it or if my old hag of a computer will even be able to handle a file that large — we’re talking one whole GB. yup, it’s large & in charge folks! so… the good news is not all hope is lost, but truthfully, i really just needed to let go of the possibility that i’ll ever be able to figure it out and simply write again. if i do figure it out, awesome. but if not, i won’t be totally crushed.

i have ALL my pictures. i’m a total Nazi about backing up my photos daily, so i’ve never lost a single one. pictures of my family & our sweet little life are truly more important to me than my words, so i’m counting my blessings because it could be way worse.

all in all, it’s disheartening, but i’m trying to keep a positive perspective and choose to find the silver lining. life is good and technology is stupid. plain & simple. and if nothing else, i’ve definitely learned a good lesson: always keep easily accessible backups (ha)!

so anyway, if you happen to be looking for a post i wrote over the past year or so, you won’t find it, at least not right now. buuut here’s to hoping & praying i can figure it out! please send me all the good techy vibes friends!

ok — let’s move on!


we had a fun filled May with lots of family time, sunshine & some good ol’ intention. being 100% present in the moment is something i’ve been paying extra close attention to lately. as a busy mom, who also works primarily from her phone, this isn’t always easy. in fact, it can be extremely difficult to balance. but the biggest influential factor to this is simply disconnecting — from social media, my phone, the computer, TV, and basically anything that has a screen.

but i’ve also realized that the whole intention behind this is simply to give my kiddo more of my undivided attention. and what i’ve learned is this is pretty easy for me to do when we’re doing something we both love.

for example —

if Wilder wants me to sit on the living room floor and build a MagnaTiles tower just so he can smash it, i’m so not into it and i get distracted pretty easily. i mean, of course, right!

BUT. if we go outside, wander the property, search for bugs, collect all the rocks & sticks, and just enjoy being in nature & discovering new things together, we are both so much more content (Wilder LOVES being outside!) and i could easily leave my phone inside all day if need be!

we’re generally outside all the time, especially because there’s always work to do on the property! but i will admit that we got pretty lazy over the winter and hunkered down inside in front of the TV more often than i’d like to admit. so this is definitely an area i’m working on improving now that the weather is in our favor!


this WEATHER! it has been glorious! we have been spending all our free time outdoors & it’s literally a breath of fresh air. i am SO looking forward to summer days spent at the lake or river and just soaking up all the beauty this season has to offer. ahhh can’t wait!


a whole lotta fresh & frozen fruit. to be honest, i’m not a huge fruit fan all year long… i KNOW ok! but i just can’t handle eating strawberries when it’s snowing outside. i don’t know, it’s just a thing about me. anyway, when the weather warms up, i do a complete 360 — gimme all the fruit & smoothies & frozen treats!

i buy frozen fruit in bulk from Costco and one of my favorite warm weather snacks is frozen mango. thaw it out in the fridge for just a few hours and it will soften to perfection. yup, you’re welcome.

this late spring weather also has us snacking on a decent amount of chips & guac (of course)! add a drop of Lime essential oil to your guacamole and you will thank me forever & ever, amen.

we also love to BBQ (hello, any reason to eat outside) so we’ve been grilling burgers like every week. WOOHOOO!

so. many. podcasts! can i get an AMEN?!

i have fallen DEEP into the world of podcasts and i don’t see myself coming out anytime soon! a few of my favorites: here & here & here. oh and this one here was my gateway podcast, a true gem :)

there’s something about a really great motherhood podcast that just gets me. i feel like i’m sipping wine with a few of my favorite girlfriends talking about the ins & outs of it all and it feels pretty darn refreshing.

however, mama podcasts aren’t the only genre i listen to (although, they’re always my first choice!), but i also really love this one here! i totally binged listened to it! and this one here is such a good one that both Joey & i like to listen to together!


i just picked up this new novel at Costco by one of my favorite authors. i’ve read almost allll of her books & have never been disappointed, so i’m excited to dive in!

i recently finished the Magic of Motherhood and truly adored this essay style book. it’s filled with raw & real moments of motherhood and it had me crying several different times.

besides books, i’m a BIG lover of reading blogs. go figure. and this one here is a long-time favorite of mine (like, since my freshman year of college!) & her mother’s day post had me in tears. so. good.

and if you want to really want to feel all the feels, this one here completely wrecked me. the author is one of my absolute favorite writers (Founder of the Magic of Motherhood book & Coffee + Crumbs podcast listed above) & this essay struck a cord in me i’ve been trying to play for a long time. i could write a novel about how hard of a birth i had with Wilder and honestly how terrified i am to ever give birth again, but simply put, this essay spoke to me. there’s no trophy for that.

otherwise, as much as i wish i had a handful of philosophical reads to share with you guys… i’m a mom of a two year old… so this is basically the extent of my reading these days :)


all the oily things. you guys, this business has taken me down roads i never thought possible. not just financially — which is amazing in & of itself and continually blows me away, but simply the fact of being able to build a business around products that have impacted our entire family in the most positive way is incredible to me!

i’ve uncovered a passion & desire for this lifestyle and what’s crazy to me is all that this “job” requires is to share that with others. i mean, it’s basically a dream and i’m loving every step of this journey.

if you’re interested in learning more about Young Living and essential oils, head on over to this page for more info :)

our little man is turning TWO at the end of this month and i’m blown away by that thought. as weird as it feels that i will have a full blown toddler on my hands, i just LOVE watching him grow. we have a fun weekend planned for the big day so i’ll be sharing more about that later!


as always — thanks for being here friends & i hope you’re all having a beautiful spring!


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