rain or shine

rain or shine

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ah sunshine.

there’s just nothing quite like a simple summer day with the hot sun beating down — its kiss on your shoulders. like a friendly hug, it welcomes you with each new morning. i could wrap myself up in it and never tire of it’s love.

…but then the rain comes…

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a storm.

it’s almost like a slap across the face. coming in after a month of unbeatable summer weather. it throws you off, takes you by surprise. you’re not quite sure how to handle it or what to do with your day. staring out at the grey sky, begging for even a speck of the sun to come out and play.

but the rain keeps coming down.

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four summer’s ago, i moved to a state i barely knew. i came rolling in with the wildfires and have been hooked ever since. because regardless of my personal love for planning, i fell in LOVE with waking up every morning and not knowing what to expect.

sweater or shorts? beanie or baseball cap?

if these are my biggest concerns on a random sunday in august, i’ll happily take it.

you could check your weather app religiously and scour the internet for monthly trends, but folks, it’s called the wild west for a reason. you never know what each new day will bring.


today was a day just like any other — sunshine and warmth in the morning. thunderstorms and hail in the afternoon. more sunshine and a killer sunset in the evening. and i’ve come to love the unpredictability of this state. mostly because it’s taught me so much:

  • never leave home without a layer of some sort. in fact, i now keep an extra jacket in the back of my car for every family member just in case :)

  • never feel like you’re at a dead end. surprises are always right around the corner.

  • always remember how small you really are. and how big God is.


as we near the end of summer, i feel both a small sense of sadness and yet, dare i say it, excitement. the cold is coming, which i’m not crazy about. but i also always feel ready to enter into a new season. and autumn is no exception: the fashion (ahhhh i love the fashion), the colors, the crunchy leaves, the crisp air, the sweaters & all things cozy!

the end of one season & the beginning of the next. where future becomes present. it’s a pretty amazing concept. and i’m so thankful to be living in it.

amidst the battle

amidst the battle

all in the details

all in the details