the oily life

the oily life

it’s no secret that we’re a little oil obsessed over here. i’ve been using oils for almost two years now and about six months ago, i joined Young Living and decided to jump in with both feet and do the business because i loved the products SO MUCH & knew i had to share them with everyone! this company & their products have been the biggest blessing for our family, and although i learn new things every day, i thought it would be fun to share how we currently use oils in our everyday life! the good days, the hard days, the days we’re home, and even when we’re on the go!

let’s do it!


5am —
i’m a forced early riser, which means i can barely lift my coffee cup in the morning, let alone fill up my diffuser, so here’s a pro tip: fill up your kitchen diffuser with a bright & happy blend the night before (peppermint & grapefruit is my fave)! this way, first thing in the morning, all you have to do is turn it on and your minty/citrus blend instantly adds a pep in your step!

6am —
before my morning workout, i put a drop of peppermint behind each ear. within a few minutes, the minty essence will linger into to your nose and you will immediately feel your eyes widen a bit & your energy level spike — it’s amazing!

7am —
post-workout, i wash my face with the mint satin facial scrub & shower with the bath gel base. i love the gel base because you choose what oils to put in it! i used Lavender, Peppermint, and Peace & Calming, and it is heavenly!

8am —
if it’s a work/school day, we hit the road. everyone gets a swipe of Thieves down their spine before we head out the door. if it’s the weekend, we’re just lounging around, drinking coffee, with the diffuser pumping out a happy blend.

12pm —
after every meal, i wipe down the counters, table, and oven with my trusty Thieves household cleaner (aka the queen). i leave mine out on the counter in a pretty glass bottle so that i never forget to use it! the amazing thing about Thieves, is that it builds up our immune systems, leaves our home squeaky clean, and smells amazing all at the same time!

1pm —
Wilder goes down for his nap and gets a drop of Sleepyize on his chest. i put Gentle Baby & Tangerine in his diffuser and he’s out within 20 minutes.

2pm —
time to get some work done! i love putting the Anthro Volcano Candle blend in the diffuser during naptime! it’s a blend of Grapefruit, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Lime, Bergamot, and Geranium! smells incredible and makes me feel like i’m on a beach!

4pm —
when Wilder wakes up from his nap, we make our NingXia mocktails! i like to mix mine with some sparkling water and a drop of Lime — so delicious & gives us both a boost of energy to finish out the day strong!

7pm —
after the dinner dishes are cleaned up and the counters are wiped down, i like to pop a calming blend in the kitchen diffuser to set the mood for the evening, but also to get rid of the dinner stank. my go-to is Lavender & Cedarwood — extremely grounding and gives us all the dreamy bedtime vibes!

we use the Kidscents shampoo & bath gel for Wilder in the bath, as well as the Lavender bath bombs! i always give the little man a massage with the Seedlings lotion and roll our favorite sleepy roller on the bottom of his feet. we get jammies on and head downstairs!

8pm —
time to put the babe to bed! we typically stick to the same routine as naptime, but sometimes i’ll spritz his crib sheet & lovey/blankets with a sleepy spray — Lavender & Frankincense!

9pm —
time to pop a blend in our master bedroom diffuser. my current favorite is Northern Lights Black Spruce & Dream Catcher — talk about dreamy! i wash my face & apply my glow serum (the details are saved in my highlights over on my instagram) & relax for the evening!

and that’s pretty much it friends! there’s a lot more ways we use oils randomly throughout the week, but this is the bulk of it!

whether you’re just starting your oily journey or are interested in diving in, don’t be overwhelmed! when you grab a Premium Starter Kit, you will have access to my incredible oils community, so you’ll be supported 100% of the way!

happy oiling!

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