when things get hard

when things get hard

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he turned two and things got hard. like really hard. ok ok… how about: different hard. because let’s be real, there’s nothing easy about raising little humans and all the various seasons are hard — just in their own way. but this season, for me, where the aforementioned little human acts more like a Tasmanian Devil than he does an actual human… yea, this season is hard.

hear me out: i LOVE being a boy mom. everything about it. the rocks, the sticks, the dirt, the busyness (oh my goodness, so busssy), the can’t-sit-still-ness, and the way he loves to play pranks on me (just like his daddy ;)). i think you get the point. this boy is all over the place and i love it. every sweet, sticky second of it! but there is an entire other side that is not so #instaworthy, and that, my friends, is when things get hard.

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the constant talking back, the “NO’S!”, the refusal of any & all vegetables, the slapping, hitting, punching, throwing, swinging… again, i think you get the point.

hi, my name is Lauren, and most days, i have no idea how to parent my two year old…

anyone else feel me?!

from what i hear, these are all common behaviors for this age, i know. but is it normal to feel so much burnout? to feel like i give in to his whining too much? or to have so much guilt for turning to screen time multiple times a day because i just need a 20 minute break from the stage 5 clinger?!


over the past year, i feel as though my role as this little guy’s mother has shifted so much and its thrown me for a loop. previously, it was simply about keeping him fed, changed, and happy, which in itself, is no easy quest, but the routine of it all is steady. it’s consistent. and most importantly, you’re in total control of that little human’s life.

however, once that babe grows into a sassy, opinionated little toddler, things get messy. and as Mothers, our role shifts from being purely a nurturer/caretaker to a disciplinarian. and for me, this was an intense change.

but i guess the purpose behind this whole rant is really just to say that although it’s been incredibly challenging for me, it’s also taught me so much about myself. and that, of course, i still have a lot of growing to do.

i rarely do things the right way the first time around, but i’m learning to take a step back and evaluate the challenging moments from a different vantage point. and this practice not only helps me to grow as a Mother, but also as an Individual, and even as a Wife/Partner.

for example, with every tantrum, i can choose to practice patience. with every broken night of sleep, i can choose to be thankful for a reason to wake up in the morning. with every art catastrophe, i’m given the option to show my son that to be a creative, you don’t always have to worry about the mess. and with every parenting crossroad, i can choose to let go of my pride and let my husband handle things his way — because even though it’s not my way, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way.

so that’s where i’m at: struggling to keep my head above water most days, but ultimately grateful for the lessons i’m learning. and that’s the beauty of motherhood. we never do anything perfectly, but we’re offered so much GRACE.

and mama’s, we have to let that be enough. let’s choose to learn from our mistakes & just continue to keep putting love at the top of our list.

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